Page Builder Tips

Content Slider

Our slides are typically set up with a photo as a background. They have a heading, text and a button over the top. The text usually has a box around it. Often, we have slides link to a website, post or page. Slides don’t have to have a box and they don’t have to have a button or even be linked to anything.

Options for Editing or Creating a New Slide

  • Edit a slide that’s already there – change the image, heading, text and button.
  • Copy a slide you like and change the image, heading, text and button.
  • Add a new slide and build it from scratch.

Tips for Working with the Content Slider

Drag and drop slides around to change the order. This also helps when you want to preview a slider, before you publish. Move the slide you want to see up to the top position and you won’t have to wait so long to see what it looks like. You may have to save before you can preview.

Always label your slides. It helps to know what’s there and which one you’re working on.

Remove a slide. Hit the X beside the slider, save and publish.

Watch out for contrast. Does your text standout from the background? Use your eyes, ask someone to look, or use a contrast checker like Web Aim.

Slide Settings Tabs

A brief glance at what you can do under each setting.


  • Heading
  • Content (You can change the font size within the editor.)
  • Background Photo


  • Heading Tag and Size
  • Text Position (left, right, center) and Width
  • Text Spacing: margins and padding. Break the link to have individual values. For example, if you wanted the text box to be a little lower down, make the top margin 100.
  • Text Colors: color of text and color or box around text. Or no color, if you want no box.
  • The box can have color and opacity.
  • Height: 100% will span from top to bottom of image. Auto will surround the text.


  • Linking options:

Can be no link (Leave blank.)

Link to post or page (hit Select and use key words to search your website and bring up the post or page you want.)

Link to website (find and copy the full URL and then paste.)

  • Option for button or just a link (no button)
  • Text for Button. This is a Call to Action.
  • Icon for button (position before or after text)
  • Button style (padding), text (left, right, center)
  • Button background color and hover color, gradient
  • Button Border (You may need to set to none.)

Watch out for contrast with your buttons.

As you can see, the content slider gives you pretty fine control over how your slide will look. That’s why it may be helpful, especially at first, to just copy a slide you like and change the heading, text, button and image.