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Enhance and Embed


Contact or Other Forms

If you would like to have other forms on your website, let us know. Allow at least 10 working days for configuration.

Other Forms YOU Can Add


Google calendar
Remember to make the calendar public so it will show up. Anytime you edit the calendar, it updates automatically on your webpage. To maintain responsive display, we may need to use a special plug-in.

Event Calendar Plugins

If you would like to add calendar and event management functionality to your website, let us know.

Tutorials, Screen Captures, Presentations, Photo-sharing and Videos


If you would like to discuss adding plugins - let us know.

Embed or oEmbed

Find out more about how WordPress works with other applications to make it easy for you to integrate content into your posts and pages. For an explanation and a full list visit

Slideshows, Presentations, and Image Galleries

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